Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided a list of questions, with answers that stakeholders have asked us about the Passenger Benefit Fund.


We have provided a list of questions, with answers that stakeholders have asked us about the passenger benefit fund.

We will continue to update the questions and answers page whenever we are asked new questions by stakeholders

Why was the Fund set up?

The fund was announced by the Department for Transport (DfT) in December 2018 in reaction to the service issues faced by passengers following the issues with the introduction of the timetable in May last year. The fund is over and above the additional compensation provided to individuals affected by May and aims to provide passenger benefits on the GTR area, suggested by local passenger representatives.

How did you decide to allocate the fund?

We worked with the DfT and three nominated MPs to determine the optimum way to split £15m across our network, and to allow passenger representatives to have control over how it is spent. The conclusion of these discussions was to provide a share of the money to each station based on the impact of the performance issues last summer, as applied in the additional industry compensation scheme.

What was the additional industry compensation scheme?

The additional industry compensation scheme was instigated to apologise for the poor level of service many experienced following the introduction of the May timetable. The additional compensation was designed to compensate passengers most affected with payments worth up to four weeks’ travel. Two levels of compensation were available depending on the level of disruption.

How do I submit an idea?

You can submit an idea through your local passenger group if you have one, or by joining our online passenger panel. Details on how to join the passenger panel area are available here. To find your local passenger group visit the Railfutures website 

The fund only allows me to choose either local or a wider passenger benefits. What if I want to nominate my own idea?

We have suggested some ideas for station schemes and wider schemes but passengers and passenger groups can put forward their own suggestions as well.

Can I collaborate with other station users to share allocations?

Absolutely. You can aim to pool different station allocations to use on a bigger project if other station users are also keen to do so and we are happy to help facilitate this if you contact us.

Where can I find out more about the projects and what is possible at my station?

We will be running a series of events including webinars, forums and individual meetings to discuss ideas and options. You can also contact us direct at

How will the projects be selected at the end of the engagement process?

We are asking passengers to rank their ideas in order of priority when they submit them. The projects will then be ranked in order of priority and assessed for operational and financial viability. We will review all ideas submitted by passenger groups alongside ideas submitted by individual passengers and staff to form a final list of schemes for each station. The final list will be reviewed with the local passenger groups and councils before being submitted to the Department of transport for approval.

Shouldn’t GTR be funding these benefits anyway?

There are many projects already planned through other GTR project budgets and a selection of these are noted on this website to give you an idea of the work already agreed. This new fund will be for additional work, not already funded, that has been chosen by local passenger representatives.

Can the fund be spent at non-GTR managed stations?

Yes. The Department for Transport have agreed in August 2019 that passengers at all non-GTR managed stations can now select station specific improvements as well as wider benefits.  You can download examples of wider benefit  schemes by clicking here. 

To download the list of stations with  their allocation, including non-GTR managed stations, please click here. 

When do ideas need to be submitted?

The consultation closed on 31 July 2019 for all GTR managed stations. 

In August 2019 the Department for Transport agreed to extend the consultation period for all non-GTR managed stations to 31 August 2019 after the decision was made to also allow these passengers to chose station specific schemes.